Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bananas, Eggs, and Blueberries

New Podcast Episode!

Sam and I are joined by James Kennedy, creator of the (now viral) "Ingredients of an all-natural . . . " infographics.

Also, this is our first episode as a member of the Brachiolope Media Network!

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Show Notes (all times are approximate):

1:30 - Where did the idea for these posters come from?

4:00 - Chemophobia and the posters. James says that relevance - not chemophobia - was the driving motivation for the posters.

8:00 - You can now get t-shirts with the ingredients.

9:00 - How did James determine what chemicals are really in these foods?

10:30 - Why isn't potassium listed in the ingredients for a banana? Aren't bananas full of potassium

11:30 - "E-numbers": What are they and what is the fear about?

15:00 - As a high school teacher, what opinion does James have about the state of science education?

17:00 - What else can we do to make chemistry relevant? A KickStarter perhaps?

21:00 - The Fortnightly Scientist: Luca Turin (TED talk)