Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Humor in Science: The Ig Nobel Prizes

New podcast episode!

Sam and I interview Marc Abrahams from the Ig Nobel prizes. Marc had some great stories to tell and it turned out to be a really great episode.

Everything discussed can be found at http://www.improbable.com/

~1:00 - Chad starts the podcast off by pronouncing the guest's name wrong. Don't worry, that only continues for the entire episode.

~3:00 - How the Ig Nobel prizes began.

~5:00 - How Marc became editor of a magazine that he'd never read before.

~7:00 - Deciding the categories of the prize. Inventing a category name for a prize. I think Sam gives a very good name for the suit of armor to protect against grizzly bears.

~12:00 - Can you try to win an Ig Nobel prize? Marc says no, but plenty of people nominate themselves each year.

~14:00 - How has the description of the Ig Nobel prizes changed over the years?

~18:00 - Analyzing dragging sheep across the floor.

~23:00 - Winner(s) of both the Ig Nobel prize and the Nobel prize.

~25:00 -  What do stinky feet and cheese have in common (chemically speaking)?

~28:00 - Miss Sweety Poo, the cutest solution to a problem every award ceremony has.

~44:00 - Are some of the prizes tongue in cheek?

~50:00 - Chad realizes he's been saying Marc's name incorrectly.