Tuesday, September 17, 2013

BAH Fest: Humor in Science with Zach Weinersmith

New podcast episode!

Zach Weinersmith, the mind behind SMBC-Comics, sits down with Sam and I to talk about The Festival of Bad Ad-Hoc Hypotheses. This was a very fun episode to record and I hope you enjoy it. (NSFW-ish).

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Show Notes:

~1:45 - Zach tells us about the BAH Fest - Link to the website which has the comic that we're talking about.

~8:45 - Organizing BAH Fest. Zach was worried that only 50 people would show up to his 500 seat venue.

~9:30 - Bombings postponed the first planned BAH Fest.

~15:00  - What is the connection between humor and science?

~18:00 - Zach talks about how he got into making webcomics and how he became a physics major as a way to create stress in his life that would lead to better comics.

~23:00 - The aquatic ape hypothesis.

~26:30 - Zach talks about naked mole rats.

~26:45 - Zombie ants and other mind controlling parasites.

~31:00 - Another example of what to expect at the BAH Fest.

~34:00 - Zach tells us about SMBC comics and how its content has changed to match what he's doing in life. Here's the comic that I refer to (which is, in my opinion, his best comic to date - if you include the red button image).

~39:45 - Fin. Zach complains about anti-red-head-ism.