Thursday, May 30, 2013

Announcing #SciBook

I've shortened the hashtag. Instead of #SciBookClub we're going to use #SciBook. Also, if you want to shorten the book title we're using #Nap17.

Last night I had a pretty fun conversation with Chemjobber, Andrew (from Behind NMR Lines), and Sam Matthews about "How is science funded". After the On Air portion of the hangout was done Sam brought up the idea of a science book club.

I've taken his idea and ran with it. I've decided to start #SciBook. Here's the format:
  • We'll read one book every two months. I read slow and we're all busy, so I think this is a fair pace.
  • During the reading use the hashtag #SciBook to add your comments about the book. The more comments/discussion the better so share!
  • At the end of the two months we'll do a Google hangout to discuss. I'm expecting this to be lighthearted and enjoyable, but I'm sure some serious discussions will also come about.
  • If you have a suggestion for the next book just use the hashtag #SciBookClub or e-mail me (chad AT thecollapsedwavefunction DOT com)
Our first book will be:

We'll be holding the Google hangout during the first week of August (date and time depending on who wants to participate and their availability).

Please share this! 
I think it would be awesome to have a big group of people discussing #SciBook.