Thursday, July 3, 2014

Your Pee, with Dr. Billy Reuben

What?!? New podcast? They still do those?

Ya, I'm trying to finish a dissertation, here. I'm almost there, but this topic was so great we just had to record it. In this episode we're talking about pee.

2:00 - Don't Go in the Water: The Chemistry of Pee in the Pool.

6:00 - To Pee, Or Not To Pee: That is the #ChemSummer Question (Article by Lauren Wolf on peeing in the Ocean). Also, the link to the CDC report.

8:00 - An embarrassing story about my kid peeing in the pool.

10:00 - Sam, Dorea, and Chad discuss the question: Could a pee-sensitive dye exist. For the record, Sam and Chad have discussed this more since recording the episode and our opinions are a bit different. Send us your thoughts and maybe we'll have another episode to correct this part of the podcast!

15:00 - Beeturia: Peeing pink because you ate beets.

20:00 - The indicator that turns your pee blue. Sam doesn't want me to tell you the name. Google exists, though, so. . .

22:00 - Speaking of the color of your pee, why is your pee yellow? (Here's the wikipedia page for heme and bilirubin).

29:00 - The new mascot for the podcast, Billy Reuben.

31:00 - Fortnightly Scientist: Send us in who your favorite scientist is and why!


For this episode, our fortnightly scientist is Dr. Billy Reuben

This week we're suggesting you check out Astrarium, a great astronomy podcast and member of the Brachiolope Media Network!