Monday, March 24, 2014

Massimo Pigliucci and the philosophy of pseudoscience

New Podcast Episode!

Sam, Dorea, and Chad interviewed Massimo Pigliucci recently. We talked about pseudoscience - what is it, why does classification of pseudoscience matter, and how has our perception of pseudoscience changed.

2:00 - Dr. Pigliuicci shares his "philosopher origin story" - How did he get into philosophy?

4:30 - Massimo answers the question "Why should we care about pseudoscience?"

10:00 - The induction problem and falsifiability.

35:00 - What is the difference between being right and being persuasive? How should you approach someone that believes in a pseudoscience?

37:00 - 30 Seconds of Jargon!

41:00 - The Fortnightly Scientist.