Thursday, March 28, 2013

AskScience Live!

So I've got some amazing news. Many of you have heard of reddit, the "frontpage of the internet". In the past I mentioned as one of the greatest science resources that the internet has, and I still believe that. Sure, there are a lot of really horrible things about reddit, but if you're looking in the right places there are some really great conversations.

AskScience is one of those places. In the AskScience forum you can ask just about any science question you have and be almost guaranteed to get input from someone that is an expert in that field. AskScience has over 2,000 panelists in fields ranging from biology and chemistry to anthropology and psychology. Not anyone can be a panelist, though. You need to be at least a graduate student in your field and demonstrate that you can explain your field correctly and simply to a lay audience. Moderation can sometimes be pretty heavy handed, which makes the discussion usually on point and science based.

Doing something new: AskScienceLive
Over the past month or two I have been working with some of the other panelists to create a video podcast version of the forum. We are now pleased to announce AskScienceLive! We've gathered together experts from a few fields, and we're going to be doing a Google "On Air" hangout. Our first episode will be April 11th, 6pm EDT. We will be taking questions asked on Twitter and answering them live. This could really be an awesome event, so please mark your calendars and bring your toughest science questions!

Please check out (a current work in progress website) and stay tuned for more information and more episodes to come!