Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Links: December 1st, 2012

Here are your links for this week. Have fun!
  • Bigfoot's DNA found! Here's a red flag that your research might be pseudoscience: You put out a detailed press release during the peer-review process.
  • Wikipedia article: Anatoli Bugorski stuck his head inside a particle accelerator and lived to tell the story.
  • Water and (possibly) organic molecules found on Mercury. (That's right, not Mars. Mercury, the planet closest to the sun.
  • Check out this amazing picture. It's a colored version of a famous picture. Many important physicists/chemists here.
  • After Niels Bhor won the Nobel prize he was awarded with beer that flowed directly into his house.

  • Tim Kelly's Amazing World of Science. Unfortunately this is the only episode. WHERE ARE YOU TIM KELLY!!?!?!!