Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Christmas Present for my Dad

My dad loves Hershey's Kisses, but he never eats them. He thinks the effort of opening them is just too much work. So, two years ago on Christmas I gave him an entire bowl full of unwrapped Hershey's Kisses. He should have no problem enjoying them now, I thought. Wrong. Maybe he saw something poetic in the unwrapped chocolates or maybe he really doesn't like them anymore. Either way they were placed in a display cabinet in his dining room. They are still there today.

This Christmas I decided that since he won't eat chocolate that is easy to get into, maybe I needed to make the chocolates harder to open. Below you'll find pictures of the wrapping and unwrapping. Enjoy.

The gift - My dad's favorite chocolates

The tools provided (Also part of the gift)

The wrapping tools

Step 1: Removes candies and place in zip-loc bag

Step 2: Cover in duck tape

Step 3: Zip ties around the duck tape

Step 4: More duck tape

Step 5: Place gift inside of a steel vacuum chamber

Step 6: Seal vacuum chamber

Step 7: Tightly wrap rope around the vacuum chamber

Step 8: Place knife inside the chamber. You don't want it to be easy...

Step 9: Place zip ties around the rope. They don't need to be cut, but they do make the rope harder to get off.

Step 10: Wrap metal wire around the rope and place inside box.

Step 11: Sacks to keep the vacuum chamber from falling over inside the box.

Step 12: Wrap in duck tape and provide tools for opening the chamber.

I also added a note that said "Your journey of opening this gift has just begun. You may use only the tools provided"

Step 13: See, it looks pretty, right?

And now, for the pictures of the opening on Christmas day.

Oh son, you've been so thoughtful with the other gifts, you shouldn't have given me another one too...

Reading the note and  noticing the ominously placed wrenches. What could be inside?

Watching Grandpa open his present (He also helped me wrap it).

First look at the vacuum chamber. This couldn't be the gift, could it?

Just getting started untangling the rope.

The zip ties made it impossible to just slide the rope off. It had to be untangled.

A knot at the end made it difficult to feed through some of the zip ties.

Explaining his new strategy.

Get to work opening the chamber. Forget the rope.

This turned out to be a bad strategy. He couldn't get the wrenches in place around the rope as easily as he thought.

Soliciting some help. I think this is cheating...

Using a bolt as a saw for that troublesome knot. 

With the knot cut and some of the bolts off he was able to slide the rope off.

Having too much fun. "The gift is probably something small, the real fun is the opening"

Almost there.

Found the knife. This would have been nice to have half an hour ago...

Using the scissors on the knife to cut the zip ties.

Almost there! The prize is in sight!

Holding his favorite candy.

And, in case you were wondering, he did eat the chocolate. He also swore revenge. I guess we'll see what next year has in store for me...

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